Titanium Dioxide Anatase

IMEX Chemicals supplies a Range of Titanium Dioxide Anatase Products with varying degrees of Titanium Dioxide Content as well as specifications for different industrial uses. 

(For Titanium Dioxide Rutile, please refer to the Titanium Dioxide Rutile page). 


IMEX Titanium Dioxide - Anatase Type Products

Please note that the industrial applications mentioned below is indicative only and the products are used in more industries than mentioned below. Please contact us with details of usage requirements so that we can recommend the correct Titanium dioxide product for your requirements.

Product Code

Industry Applications


 Widely used in Ink, Paints, Fibre, Paste, etc.

    TDA2101  Widely used in Ink, Paints, Fibre, Paste, etc.


Widely used in Paints, Ink, Masterbatch, rubber, paper, leather, etc.


Used for High grade masterbatch, plastic & paper

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25kg net weight in paper bags or 1000kg pelleted package. Packing can also be provided as per buyer’s custom requirements.


1.    With Pallets: 20MT/20ft Container

2.    Without Pallets: 22MT/20ft Container